3.3: Additional Learning Resources

For further reading and learning materials on vegetation monitoring topics, explore the following material:

Reading Resources

The following reading materials discuss general and in-depth monitoring concepts and practices. Click the link to read the following materials.

Measuring and Monitoring Plant Populations

Elzinga, C.L., D.W. Salzer and J.W. Willoughby. 1998. Measuring and Monitoring Plant Populations. Technical Reference 1730-1. Bureau of Land Management. Denver, Colorado. USDI, BLM

Monitoring Manual: Volume 1

Herrick, J.E., J.W. Van Zee, K.M. Havstad, L.M. Burkett and W.G. Whitford. 2009. Monitoring manual for grassland, shrubland and savanna ecosystems. Volume I: Quick Start. Tucson, Arizona: The University of Arizona Press.

Video Resources

The following videos discuss general monitoring concepts. Click the link to watch the video.

Variability in Rangelands: Lamar Smith, University of Arizona Cooperative Extension

Topography and Plant Response: University of Wyoming Extension Services

Practical Tools for Sample Design and Selection: Jason Karl, USDA-ARS Jornada Experimental Range

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