2.3: Additional Learning Resources

For further reading and learning materials on vegetation inventory and monitoring topics, explore the following material:

Reading Resources

The following reading materials discuss general and in-depth monitoring concepts and practices. Click the link to read the following materials.
Measuring and Monitoring Plant Populations

Elzinga, C.L., D.W. Salzer and J.W. Willoughby. 1998. Measuring and Monitoring Plant Populations. Technical Reference 1730-1. Bureau of Land Management. Denver, Colorado. USDI, BLM

Web and Video Resources for Statistics Review

The following websites provide numerous videos and web pages with explanations about basic statistics. Click the link to review the following materials.
Kahn Academy: Descriptive Statistics
University of Idaho: Statistics for Natural Resources
Statistics Learning Center: Statistics Videos and Resources
10-Minute Statistics Videos by Lara Smith, Pitt Community College

  • Descriptive Statistics  Frequency Distribution & Histograms

Video 1-1Video 1-2Video 1-3, and Video 1-4

  • Measures of Central Tendency– Mean, Median Mode

Video 2-1Video 2-2, and Video 2-3

  • Variation – Range and Standard Deviation

Video 3-1, Video 3-2Video 3-3, and Video 3-4