Remote Sensing Learning Objectives

This set of online modules provides a high-level overview of remote sensing applications for natural resource monitoring and assessment. It is beyond the scope of this course to provide detailed instruction into any specific remote sensing techniques, but you should achieve a general understanding of the opportunities and limitations of remote sensing for monitoring.

Learning Objectives

  • Define the different modes of using remote sensing in natural resource monitoring and assessment.
  • Explain how remote sensing can be used directly and indirectly in natural resource monitoring, and describe the process for incorporating remote sensing into a monitoring program.
  • Describe common image sensors and platforms used in natural remote sensing.
  • Define and give examples of image classification, vegetation indices, and vegetation modeling.
  • Define digital photogrammetry and give examples of manual and automated techniques for interpreting aerial photographs.
  • Explain different forms of change detection and time series analysis with remote sensing data and give examples of how this technique could be used in natural resource monitoring.