Rangelands are vast, wild landscapes that cover most of western North America and about half of the earth’s land surface.

This course material focuses on the ecological principles that cause these grasslands, shrublands, woodlands and deserts to change or stay the same. We will also explore how humans use and manage these ecosystems. The modern challenges of rangeland management must be met with broad thinking and new, sustainable practices to maintain and restore rangelands and the human communities that rely on them. Meeting such challenges starts with a strong basic knowledge of what rangelands are and options for conserving and managing these landscapes.

Course Objectives:

  • Explore the diversity of rangeland types and uses.
  • Understand environmental conditions that drive ecological forces on rangelands.
  • Recognize the basic tools for the stewardship of rangelands.
  • Gain respect for the many values that humans desire from rangelands.

Get Credit or Just Learn.

This material is created to support the Rangeland Principles (REM151) course at the University of Idaho. This is a 3-credit semester-long course offered every Fall. If you want to know more about taking this course for credit, contact range@uidaho.edu.

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